Recommendations are essential when you are considering who you want to work with, whether your interest is personal, or professional.  My services as a writer, photographer, expert and online advisor are available to you.  If you like what you see on this web site, please also take a moment to read some of the unsolicited comments that I have received from people, recommending my work.  Then, please Contact Me to further investigate the ways I can put my skills to work for you.

Writing: Let me work help you create a unique signature that maximizes your impact on everything from social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube, to better blogging and beyond. I can provide syndicated content for the budget-minded, and can also create something exclusive and unique for your audience.  I am occasionally available to act  as a stringer  reporter and/or photographer, if you cannot attend an event or meeting in the NYC area.

Advisor: As a creator of both traditional and signature “Double-Take” (two views for every question) advice columns, and as a private, personal, online advisor, I have become the reliable, virtual “best friend” to thousands of adults around the world. I offer personal, private, advice by Email.

Photography: many of my photographs on a wide range of subjects are for sale –please do not take them off my web sites, former blog, or Google Images!  All my photographs are copyrighted.  Visit my Photo Gallery to see my latest offerings. Click “refresh” to see more samples.   Contact me to purchase photographs for use online, framed or unframed prints,  or to hire me for freelance work.

Lifestyles & Relationships Expert: I have reviewed literally thousands of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products.  I am also a certified image & color consultant. As a relationships advisor, I have been offering good advice that works for nearly two decades.  If you need a spokesperson, require a quote, want to send me review samples, would like to interview me, or ask me to be a guest on your show, or if you have any other ideas about how we might work together, please contact me!

Don’t just take my word for it!  Here are some unsolicited testimonials:


“There are not many writers to whom I give feedback, but I love your writing style. You are truly a born writer. I wish I had just an ounce of your writing talent.” B. Davis, Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc

I really enjoy cruising your website. You have such great reviews and interesting articles that are quite informative. (Debbie, skincarelogic.com)

“One of the reasons we have always worked with you is because of your high standards. To me, you have always been the CONSUMER REPORTS of reviewers! ” (joseph garland, joseph garland media relations, inc.)

“I really like your style. Very clear and concise.” Luis Okumura, ThisIsDiversity.com

“I love the Advice Sisters Web site. So informative and enjoyable to read”  (Cognac Wellerlane, Talk Show Host TV Personality )

“Your posts are EXCELLENT! I meant to drop you a note to tell you how wonderful they were”   (Laura Markofsky,  American Express)

“I absolutely fell in love with your work! I am writing not only to admit my obsession with your blog ( and inform you that I have gotten all the other ladies in the office HOOKED ), but also because I am an Account Executive at a beauty/skincare/fashion PR company based in NYC…” (Ashley B.)

“Alison has provided dozens of incredibly thoughtful and well written career-related articles and pieces of advice to the millions of job seekers who have used College Recruiter to help them find a great new internship or entry level job upon graduation. She’s a joy to work with.”  (Steven Rothenberg, CollegeRecruiter.com)

“KMR Communications, Inc has a wonderful relationship with Alison Blackman Dunham and The Advice Sisters.  If you want credible exposure for your product, this is the place to be seen.” ( Katherine M. Rothman, CEO- KMR Communications, Inc.)



“I wanted to let you know that your advice changed my life. Everything you said was exactly right. I laughed, I cried with joy! For the first time in my life I feel like I have a plan. I just wanted you to know how valuable your advice is. It has been a life saver. I finally feel like I am getting somewhere! (Maureen M.)

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your honest, intelligent advice and information. There is so much junk on the internet–your site stands above the rest!”  (B.Jaynes)

“Your assessment of my situation and your counseling were right on! I learned something really important and totally enjoyed the experience. It was excellent!”(Nancy R.)

“You brought up issues I hadn’t considered.  This will help me with my problem. Thanks!” (Mary M.)

“I was a bit skeptical at first about how online advice would work, but you gave me just what I needed. It was really money well spent.” (B R.)

“I hadn’t thought of my situation the way you outlined it. It made all the difference. I’ve reached my goal! (Amy Smith)

“Thanks to you, I aced the interview and got the job.” (Brian B.)

“With your coaching I’ve learned how to make the right moves. I wanted to let you know that your advice was right–and it worked!.” (Carlita R.)

“Your reply to me was marvelous — a combination of experience and advice both tough and tender. You are a person I can trust!” (Hatem S.)



“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks and that I love Advice Sisters blog! ” Carolina  – ClosetFullofNothing.com

” Fabulous work!”  Your reviews are concise and yet, thorough. You are a master of reviews!  (Betty A.)

“It’s very refreshing to come across a site that’s as helpful and wonderful as yours. I put it on my favorites.”  (Suzanne Garza)

“Your advice really helps. You cover a wide range of issues and people, and I like the depth of your responses. The advice is honest, straightforward, tough when it needs to be, and motivating when it is required.” (Kara K.)

“I can’t help but smile and laugh at times when I am at your site. It is one of those rare sites for women of all ages and occupations.” (Rachel R.)

“I’m so glad to find someone who understands the real problems that real people face. Life isn’t a reality show.  You really help people with real-life solutions to life’s real problems.” (Jessie Blackstone)

“I really like your review columns. With so much out there to confuse consumers, yours is a must needed website! “Joyce S.”

“Your columns are excellent! I spent hours searching the web, attempting to calm my anxiety about my life. Your site was the only one where I found the personal, specific, and useful information that I wanted. I found nothing so helpful on the other sites.” (Paul H.)

“Your articles have provided tremendous help to me, and  I just want to thank you for providing a wonderful source of inspiration.” (Penny B.)

“You have assisted many people with your columns. I have sent it to people whom I thought your timely advice would help.” (John Ziff.)

“Your columns, are so useful. I love your writing.” (K.H.)

“I love your photographs..where can I buy them?” (Amy B.)